My name is Travis Eaton.  I was born and raised in the Houston area.  I went to Texas Christian University for undergraduate studies and American University in Washington, DC for law school.  I studied at other institutions, including the prestigious Oxford University, and Southern Methodist University, during law school.  I've worked in a wide variety of areas, focusing on business and finance with the European Union, the SEC, and FINRA, among others.  

After graduating law school, I moved back to Houston and opened up my own law firm.  I have been doing this successfully for six years now, and have grown dramatically since the beginning, both in my business and personal life.  I now have a wife, three children, four dogs, and a cat.  

My law firm is focused on Family law, such as divorce and child custody disputes.  I pride myself on taking the necessary care and concern into each individual case.  Each client has their own story, their own issues, and their own concerns.  Too often family lawyers forget that children are involved, and how to care for that aspect.  The Texas Family Code highlights the most important part of any family case involving children is "the best interest of the child."  As a father, I know how important it is to ensure they are considered in every aspect of your case.  

Your property issues are also incredibly important.  In a divorce, you will be heading into a new aspect of life, where financial independence is of the utmost importance.  My experience in the business and financial field has allowed me to provide expert advice on financial issues.  Whether it be your homestead, your retirement funds, your savings, or your debt, I will help ensure that you are set up for success the moment you are divorced.


My consulting firm is focused on helping small businesses grow, with expertise in financial management and general consulting, as well as valuation of your business and/or property.  I will be finishing my MBA from American University soon, in hopes to add more expertise to consulting firm.

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