In the midst of a very hard custody battle I have found comfort in the most amazing attorney.  My previous experience with another local attorney had left a bad taste in my mouth. Travis is patient and fair and very knowledgeable in all that he does. He communicates frequently and is always there for any questions I have big or small. If you are in need of the best legal representation look no further Travis is the man for the job.  ---- LINDSAY G. 1/8/2016

Mr. Eaton is an amazing attorney. Never had any issues answering my questions. Always worked with payment plans, always answer text messages early in the work day or later. Even answer on weekends when needed.  It was a very difficult time in my life and Mr. Eaton always made me feel everything will work out. Mr. Eaton is very knowledgeable in what he does.  He is very patient and understands fully we are human beans dealing with hardship at the moment.

I definitely recommend Mr. Eaton for any person who is going through a very difficult time in a custody battle.

---GABRIEL R. 11/30/2017

 WE LOVE TRAVIS EATON!! If there was the option of 100 stars, he'd get them all! We like to refer to Travis as. "A bulldog" in the courtroom! He's helped us through what we thought was inevitable defeat and brought us out on top! He's very knowledgeable and was there to silence all of our doubts. Travis, you are truly a blessing! Our family is complete and our sweet girl is where she deserves to be all because of you! We are forever grateful!  ---BRITTANY B. 3/20/2016

Travis is an excellent and caring lawyer!! He stood by me every step of the way because he understood how difficult this was for me. Even when we were at the courthouse and the judge made comments that were unnecessary, he really stepped up to the plate and defended me! Through God, family, friends and Travis I got through this very difficult situation! Thank you Travis so much!!

---HOPE J. 3/3/2016

About three years ago I hired Travis Eaton to help me through full custody of my grandchildren. I needed an attorney that worked with payment plans,  i found that with Travis.  It took about six months from start to finish,  and Travis was by my side through the whole process.  Mr.  Eaton was always just a phone call or text with any question that you need aan answer.  On occastion I still text him with questions and i have answers within minutes.  Im not a person that cares of any type.  However,  it was comforting to know Travis was on my side and ready to win  another case. --- KAREN M. 2/20/2016

When I thought I was alone in facing a demeaning ex-husband; one on a constant power trip, Travis showed me that I don't have to worry about things anymore.  He represents me and all the same values & morals that my family share.  He is a good man, and even better attorney.  I had several attorneys literally tell me that they couldn't help me and my situation, some even hung up on me.  Travis met me within days of our phone consultation and took the time to listen and provide possible outcomes of my dilemmas.  I can text him at anytime and he's there for me.  I trust him- with my whole heart, and really think that the good Lord was watching over me when he was referred to me by a friend and past client of Travis's.   He is the real deal.  Professional, realistic, and prompt.  You'd be lucky to have him represent you.  --- AMY S. 9/15/2014


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